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  • Sidney Crosby scored last night but I'm not getting credit for it. Or, I have Carey Price and Montreal got a shutout last night but I don't have any points to show for it. What's up?

    The first thing to do if you have any questions regarding getting credit for points is check to make sure that the Standings have been updated. The time of the last update is always indicated at the bottom of the standings. Or do a quick check on the rosters of other people in the contest using the View Picks function. If someone else has the same player as you and doesn't have any points for a player that got points last night, chances are the standings have not been updated yet. Or check the Player Stats page. It is always updated first so if it has not been, neither will the standings.

  • I cannot log in. Why not?

    Please check to make sure that "cookies" are enabled in your browser settings.

  • How can I change my email address?

    You will need to signup and create an account with your new email address.

  • How do I turn off contest email to my account?

    This can be done on the Preferences page.

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