The information below is structured around the main functions of Sportsnet Fantasy Hockey Playoffs Bracket. For more details, please also read the Rules.

  1. I'm having problems logging in, what should I do?

    First make sure that your browser is allowing cookies.

    Try logging in again. If you get an error message...

    • Log out of everything related to Sportsnet on every device and in every browser.
    • Click the "Home" link
    • Then try to log in again

    Repeat the 2 steps above as necessary to clear and reset your connection with the login system.

  2. How can I change my email address?

    You will need to signup and create an account with your new email address. Then let us know your old email address and new email address so that we can transfer your picks from your old account to your new account.

  1. How do I enter my picks?

    Go to the "Make Your Picks" page and follow the instructions you see there. Once you've submitted your picks AND you see a web page confirming that your picks have been processed, you're officially entered.

  2. When is the submission deadline for entering my picks?

    The submission deadline for entering picks is posted on the "Make Your Picks" page.

  3. How do I change my picks?

    When you go to the "Make Your Picks" page your picks should be displayed. Change any of your picks and then submit your changes. You may change your picks as often as you like before the pick deadline.

  1. How do I see my standings in the contest?

    Once you are logged in, go to the "Standings" page and you will show up in the VIP section.

  2. How is my "Points" calculated?

    You will earn your "Points" based on the scoring system for the contest.

  3. Can there be ties in the Standings?

    Yes. Please see the Rules for a full explanation of how ties are handled.

  4. How do I see other people's picks?

    On the "Standings " page, click on the "View Picks" icon in the table for the contestant whose picks you would like to see. You can only view others' picks once the pick deadline has passed.

  1. How do I stop/start getting email sent to me from the contest?

    The "Preferences" page lets you change your email preferences settings.

  1. What are groups?

    Essentially, groups are collections of people -- friends, colleagues, co-workers, whomever -- who have agreed to have their own private pool within the larger contest. You can compete against the people you choose while also competing in the larger contest simultaneously. You can create your own group and invite friends and co-workers to join. Your group will have access to a special group standings table that only members of that group can see. Plus group members can chat with each other using the "Trash Talk" feature.

  2. Are there prizes for groups?

    No, though you can always decide to give your own prizes out to your group winners.

  3. How do I set up a new group?

    Go to the "Groups" page and click on the "Create a Group" button. Note that Group Passwords are case-sensitive so remember exactly what you've typed. Once you've successfully created a group, tell whomever you wish that they may join the group.

  4. How do I join a group?

    Go to the "Groups" page, and select the group you're interested in joining and click on the "Join" button. Private groups require a group password.

  5. How do I find out a group's password?

    The person who created the group has to tell you what it is. If you were not invited to join the group, then you won't be able to join. If you are feeling left out, you can always make your own group and invite your friends to join :-)

  6. How do I remove myself from a group?

    You may remove yourself at any time using the "Leave Group" icon when you click on the group to view it.

  7. How many groups may I join?

    3, including any groups you have created yourself.

  1. What is Trash Talk?

    It's a chat facility to communicate with your fellow group members. All messages are posted on the "Trash Talk" page (not through email) and are separated by group. Anyone who is in a group can read all messages in that group, but nobody outside that group can.

  2. How soon after I post a message does it show up?

    Messages are updated as soon as you hit "Send Message". However, anyone who began reading messages before you posted yours will have to reload the page for your message to show up. Same goes for you when reading a new message from someone else.

  3. How do I change which group I am working in for Trash Talk?

    Use the "Groups" links at the top of the "Trash Talk" page.

  4. Is there a limit to how long a message can be?

    Yes. Approximately 250 characters.

  5. Can I delete or edit a message myself that I posted earlier?


  6. Is Trash Talk moderated, or can I say anything I want?

    It is not moderated, however you are on your honor to behave in a civil manner towards your fellow group members. You may also wish to review the rules (which you agree to by registering), since they explicitly forbid obscenity, slander, and other objectionable forms of speech within the contest.

  1. What prizes are available?

    The "Prizes" page has this information. Please see the Rules for information on prize eligibility and restrictions.

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Top 3 Leaderboard

Round 4
1 deno2112 48
2 al_carr 48
3 RichRoss 48
1 article_don 237
2 kathryn_masters 234
3 brendan_lynch3 233

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